SANRIKU Fireworks Festival The passion of the pyrotechnicians and organizers (71sec)


One of the largest fireworks displays in Japan in 2020!

More than 10,000 fireworks sparkled in the sky over Sanriku. The new coronavirus has forced the cancellation of most fireworks shows across Japan, making them unusable. We want to send off as many fireworks as possible to remind firework artists of their passions. That's why we decided to purchase fireworks from all over Japan and send 10,000 fireworks into the skies of Sanriku. a leading fireworks company in Japan that has won many fireworks competitions, fully cooperated with us to put on a large-scale fireworks entertainment show! There is no free viewing area. Please check the ticket page for more information on purchasing tickets.

●Please comply with the measures and instructions of the organizers to prevent infection. For details, please click here. →For details, click here. →Corona countermeasure materials for visitors (PDF)
●There are no free bleachers. Please note that there are no free bleachers.
●Please note that all parking in designated parking areas will also require a parking ticket to be sold in advance.
●Please arrive early to avoid the traffic congestion.

マルチアングルライブ配信Multiangle LIVE streaming


The world's first multi-angle live fireworks distribution!

The world's first (*According to our research) high quality multi-angle LIVE delivery of fireworks using the latest digital technology of the 5G era! This is a new era of fireworks viewing, where you can enjoy images of fireworks from drones running through the fireworks and images of fireworks viewed from a pyrotechnician's perspective from any angle you like.

The thoughts of pyrotechnicians from all over the country will be delivered in real time to those who cannot come due to physical reasons, those who live far away, and people all over the world.

*Multi-angle live delivery is a paid delivery that requires a ticket to be purchased. Free LIVE delivery is here!


Twitter: @sanrikuhanabi




Before the fireworks, there will be concerts by famous artists and performances by local performing arts groups in the Sanriku area.
People from all over the world can get a taste of Japan's traditional culture.


Sanriku food village

Local restaurants are now offering menus that make the most of seasonal ingredients and are unique to Sanriku! Check out the limited-time menu for the Sanriku Fireworks Festival, which you can only enjoy here.

DRIVE in HANABI Theater画像


This is a new type of fireworks viewing experience where you can watch live fireworks projected on a screen in a drive theater format and watch the fireworks actually go off! You can reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19, so you can enjoy fireworks with your loved ones at ease.


●Special box seat

10,000 yen
Up to 4 people / 2 x 2 m per square
(There is plenty of room to take social distance back and forth.)

●Area Reserved Seats A

3,000 yen
Seating for 1 person/area will be unreserved.
On the day, Seat A will be divided into several areas.
(We ask for a large space (approx. 1.6m x 1.6m per person) where you can keep social distance with your neighbours).

●Area Reserved Seats B

2,000 yen
Seating for 1 person/area will be unreserved.
On the day, Seat B will be divided into several areas.
(We ask for a large space (approx. 1.6m x 1.6m per person) where you can keep social distance with your neighbours).

●Parking Ticket

Please note that all parking spaces at the venue are pay parking lots that require advance reservations. If you are bringing your own car, please be sure to purchase a parking ticket here.

●Multiangle LIVE Ticket

1,000 yen
A ticket to watch fireworks on your TV, computer or smartphone with a LIVE feed.
For more information about LIVE distribution, please check the Live distribution page.

Please check the ticket page for details.


We want to pass on the fireworks that make people around the world smile to the future.

We are asking for your donations to help keep fireworks for the future.Many fireworks displays have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 In addition, the population of the Sanriku region has been declining, and the number of the next generation of pyrotechnicians in the industry has been decreasing. We don't want fireworks to be disrupted by the coronavirus. Our goal is not to hold this festival once and be done with it, but to make it self-sustaining and sustainable. We would like to ask you to make a donation so that we can pass on the fireworks to future generations. We accept donations via bank transfer or crowdfunding. We also have ticket returns available for crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is available here! (An external site will open.)

Bank Name : Iwate Ginkou (Bank Code : 0123)
Branch : Takata Branch (Branch Number : 033)
Account Number : 2095705
Account Name : サンリクハナビキヨウギタイカイジツコウイインカイ

*If you need a receipt in addition to a copy of the transfer request form, please contact
*Please note that we may not be able to issue a receipt if you contact us after the transfer.
*You can also use Internet banking or mobile banking.
*If you wish to make a telephone transfer, please use bank code: 0123 / branch number: 033.

問い合わせContact Us

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For inquiries about tickets, access, related events, etc., please contact the following

Sanriku Fireworks Festival Executive Committee Office

TEL 090-5231-5029(9:00〜18:00)
*Closed on weekends and holidays.