大会概要 Competition summary

About SANRIKU Fireworks Festival 東北太平洋沿岸で

We are very happy to announce that we are going to hold "Sanriku Fireworks Festival" as a pre-event for the annual Sanriku Fireworks Festival in 2021.

In response to the new era of lifestyle, we have created a new style of living, which is "the fusion of offline and online," and we will provide multi-angle live broadcasts of high quality images so that people do not have to travel far to enjoy them.

We are also planning to hold a live performance by artists on the stage in the venue before shooting the fireworks. In addition, we will provide a variety of contents that will allow visitors to fully enjoy the fireworks, such as a food and beverage booth offering limited menus using seasonal ingredients from Sanriku, and a DRIVE in HANABI Theater where you can enjoy watching the fireworks in a car.

SANRIKU Fireworks Festival 三陸花火大会

Date of event
October 31 (Saturday), 2020 *The preliminary day is November 1 (day after)
Opening hours
Launch Time
Organized by
Sanriku Fireworks Competition Executive Committee
Takada Matsubara Sports Park

For more information on how to get to the venue, please refer to the Access page.

Attention 観覧にあたっての

1.Points to note at the fireworks venue

●Please do not come if you are not feeling well or have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher.
●Please wear a mask and keep a 2m distance between you and your opponent when standing in line.
●Please keep your valuables in your bags and not in your pockets.
●Please keep an eye on your children. Please note that we may not be able to respond to calls to lost children or stray persons, since we will give priority to important announcements at the venue.
●The area around the venue is dark with few streetlights, so in order to prevent accidents, please be sure to follow the instructions and guidance of the event staff.
●The area around the venue is a "disaster area" that was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The area around the venue was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and there are many areas that are undergoing reconstruction work. For the safety of all visitors, please do not enter these off-limits areas.
●Please do not use ships to watch the fireworks display. Please do not use boats to watch the fireworks display.
●However, depending on the situation on the day of the event, there may be a temporary antenna in the event hall. However, please be aware that depending on the situation on the day of the event, the lines may be congested. However, please be aware that depending on the conditions of the day, the lines may be congested, so we ask that you be aware of the possibility of trouble with the transceivers and other wireless devices.
●Please note that pets are not allowed to accompany visitors.


●There will be no free seats available. Please note that there are no free bleachers, and all tickets must be sold in advance.
●Tickets will not be reissued at the venue, so please be careful not to lose them.
●Resale of tickets is prohibited. We will not be liable for any compensation if the tickets are resold to anyone other than the purchaser.
●We reserve the right to refuse admission to the event using bleacher tickets obtained from a ticket scalper.
●Please contact the crowdfunding operator (GoodMorning) for any inquiries regarding crowdfunding.
●Please note that you will need to purchase a parking ticket in advance for all parking in the designated parking areas.

3.Parking and Transportation

●Parking in non-designated parking areas and illegal parking on the roadway is an obstruction to the safety of neighbors and the progress of emergency vehicles. Please do not park in any of the designated parking areas.
●The designated parking areas will be closed after the fireworks event.
●We will impose traffic restrictions on the roads in the area on the day of the festival. Please be aware that some areas will be closed to traffic.
●There are few streetlights in the area, so in order to prevent accidents, please follow the instructions and guidance of officials.


●You are free to take photos of the event site and fireworks, etc. However, please refrain from using the photos and videos of the event for commercial purposes without permission. ●If you wish to use a tripod to take pictures, please reserve a large space behind seat A and take care not to disturb other customers in the vicinity.
●Please refrain from using a selfie stick to take photos in crowded areas.
●It is strictly prohibited to fly drones and remote-controlled helicopters around the venue.


●However, for the sake of environmental conservation, please take your trash back home with you as much as possible. We ask for your cooperation in separating trash.
●We plan to set up temporary toilets around the venue, but please be aware that it may still be crowded.
●Please do not smoke in the designated smoking areas, as smoking while walking can cause burns and fires. br> ●It is not allowed to sell products, food or drink in the park or on public roads near the venue. There is no application or permission system in place.
●We will not be responsible for any problems caused by alcohol consumption in the event hall. Please observe the rules and enjoy the show. Also, please refrain from underage drinking.
●No gangsters or gang-related persons are allowed to enter the event.
●Please do not engage in disturbing behavior such as stealth photography, groping, or fighting, as it may not only disturb other spectators, but may also interfere with the operation of the event.

*Please check each page for event and content notes.

Question and Answer よくある

1.About the fireworks display

Q. When will you decide to hold the tournament?
A. We do not currently have any plans to cancel the Games. However, taking into account the situation of the spread of corona infection, we may cancel it.
The date of the event will be decided at 9:00 am on the day of the event. However, if we have to postpone the race due to inclement weather, it will be postponed to the next day, depending on the situation.

Q. What is the difference between the "Sanriku Fireworks Festival" and the "Sanriku Fireworks Festival"?
A. We plan to hold a regular fireworks display in 2020, but after 2021, rules have been set up regarding the size and quantity of fireworks, the time of shooting fireworks, etc., and the participating pyrotechnicians will abide by these rules, and we plan to hold a competition in which fireworks will be shot up in order to achieve a high score.

2.Tickets and spectator seating

Q. What is the maximum height of DRIVE in HANABI Theater?
A. The maximum height of the car is 2 meters. Also, please note that tickets for each car model are sold differently.

Q. If the event is held on a free day, is it possible to get a refund?
A. No. Tickets are not refundable on a free day. We ask for your understanding.

Q.In case of cancellation, will I get a refund for the tickets?
A.In case of cancellation, the tickets will be refunded. In case of cancellation, tickets will be refunded.

Q. At what time can I enter the bleachers?
A. Yes, you can bring in food and drink, but no fire is allowed.

Q, Can I bring in food and drink?
A, Yes, you can bring in food and drink, but no fire is allowed.

Q, Can I bring a stove or other equipment into the bleachers?
A, No. Fire is strictly prohibited in the bleachers.

Q, Can I bring my pet to the bleachers?
A, Yes, pets may not be allowed in the bleachers because they may cause trouble for those around them.

Q.Is smoking prohibited in the venue?
A.Smoking is prohibited except in the designated smoking areas. In particular, please do not smoke while walking as it could cause burns and fires.

Q.Are there garbage cans in the venue?
A.Yes, we are planning to set up a trash can. However, for the sake of environmental conservation, please take your garbage home with you. Also, we ask for your cooperation in sorting and collecting garbage.

3.About the live streaming

Q.I want to know how to watch it.
A.You can purchase a delivery ticket to view the video. For details, please see the Multi-Angle Live Streaming page.

Q.Is it possible to view the program on devices that do not support 5G?
A.No problem. However, we recommend you to use wifi connection.

Q.Will there be narration and subtitles in the movie? If so, I would like to know the languages that are supported.
A.We are considering English subtitles for documentaries. Other than that, only Japanese subtitles will be available.

Q.Can I view the videos on PC (Windows/Mac) and smartphones (iOS/Android)?
A.Yes, you can view the video on PC(Windows/Mac) and Smartphones(iOS/Android).

Q.Can I record it?
A.Yes, you can record them for archival purposes, but the copyright belongs to the Sanriku Fireworks Festival Executive Committee, so please refrain from using them for a second time.

4.Corona measures

Q,How is the new coronavirus protection system in place?
A,We ensure that there is enough space between the seats and we have prepared a Drive in Hanabi Theater that can be viewed in the car. We also provide ample amounts of alcohol disinfectant and ensure that staff members wear masks.

Q.What will happen if a visitor or staff member is found to have an infection at a later date?
A. We plan to announce it on our website, official Twitter and Facebook. In the event of a cluster outbreak, we plan to inform visitors of the status of the corona infection based on the information of those who purchased tickets.


Q.I want to ask about crowdfunding.
A.Please contact us for more information about crowdfunding.

Q,Are there any lodging facilities near the venue?
A,Yes, there are multiple lodging facilities around the venue. For more information, please contact the tour company or directly to hotels and inns to check their availability.

Q. Do you have a parking lot?
A. A.The designated parking lots will be closed at midnight on the day of the event. It is not possible to stay overnight in the car.

Q,Can I stay in my car?
A,The designated parking lots will be closed at midnight on the day of the event. It is not possible to stay overnight in the car.

Q.Can I use a drone or a remote-controlled helicopter to take pictures?
A.Flying and filming with a drone or remote-controlled helicopter is strictly prohibited.

Q.Are there any other places where I can see fireworks other than the venue?
A.The Executive Committee is not aware of any locations. Also, due to the new coronavirus, it is not recommended to watch the event outside the venue.